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Materials Capacity & Quality Control

Innovet has the skills to be a valuable addition in the materials supply chain of the government or large corporate clients. Innovet’s owners have a 20-year history of working as a supplier for one of the top ten largest corporations in the United States. Serving this customer over the past decade resulted in tens of millions of dollars in sales and over 400,000 items moving through our warehouse. Over this time, we completed over 3,500 jobs without missing a deadline or damaging or misplacing any inventory.

If you are in need of assistance with your material supplies, talk with us and see if we can help. We can buy direct through the manufacturer and supply you as you need it or hold a stock of your commonly used items for quick shipment.

Materials Management & Warehousing

With over 30,000 square feet of warehousing facilities and 90,000 square feet outside storage, we have the ability to manage and stage the materials for your project. Our location in the center of the country allows for quick distribution to a broad geographic area. When your project is ready to begin, our trucking and hoisting services are able to deliver the project materials to your job site.


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