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Security Lighting

Residential & Commercial Security Lighting Installation in St. Louis

Whether at your home or business, security lighting is essential to have around your property. Not only does it help make your property more aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps reduce criminal or suspicious activity. One study has shown that proper outdoor lighting can actually decrease crime rates by 39% at night. Getting professionally-designed and installed security lighting in St. Louis is simple by calling the experienced team at Innovet Electrical.

security lighting for a residential-house

The Benefits of Security Lighting for Your Home

The right home lighting approach will help provide you and your family with an extra sense of security. Installing lights around your home can help deter criminals as it helps create the appearance of someone always being home.

Security lighting for your home comes in many forms, from motion-sensing flood lights to accent lights around the perimeter. When you choose Innovet Electrical to install your security lighting, our experienced electricians will come to your home to perform a security audit to determine the areas of your home and property that will benefit the most from lighting. We can also recommend and install home security cameras for an added layer of protection.
During your security lighting install, we’ll ensure the job is done professionally, and lights are placed at the right height and angle for the best aesthetics and security, without affecting your neighbors.

Call Innovet Electrical to discuss your home lighting and security options.

security lighting for a business

How Security Lighting Can Help Your Commercial Property

Securing your commercial property is essential for keeping your business and employees safe. A professionally-designed and installed security lighting system helps not only deter trespassers, but helps illuminate otherwise dark areas to keep everyone visible and recognizable.

By choosing Innovet Electrical to professionally install and strategically place your commercial security lighting, any potential hiding spots for criminals or illegal activity are eliminated, and your security cameras will be better able to capture faces. Our experienced electricians will also ensure your property looks great for your current and potential customers.

Call Innovet Electrical to discuss your commercial lighting and security options today.

More About Our Security Lighting Services

The lighting and security experts at Innovet Electrical will come to your property and perform a thorough security audit. From motion-sensing flood lights to accent lighting, we will make recommendations for proper lighting that will not only fit with your home’s aesthetic, but create a safe perimeter, too.

During the professional security audit, our technicians can also determine the correct placement and positioning for security cameras. Contact us to discuss the lighting and security options for your home or business in St. Louis, Missouri.

By hiring the professionals from Innovet Electrical, you know your property will look aesthetically pleasing while being more secure. After performing a security audit, we’ll ensure your security lighting is installed at the right height and angle to provide you with optimal visibility, which is especially important when using with security cameras.

With our experienced, certified electricians, you can rest assured knowing your new security lighting will be installed properly. Hiring a professional helps keep you, your home, or business safe while keeping your property’s exterior aesthetically pleasing. Contact us for your security lighting installation in St. Louis, Missouri.

At Innovet Electrical, we employ trained electricians who are well-equipped to design and install security lighting just about anywhere on your home or commercial property. Let us put our 20 years of experience in St. Louis to work for you.

As a small business, we are able to give you personalized attention with every project. This means promptly returning your call, providing you with a fair estimate, and then getting the job done quickly so that you can continue to go about your daily life! Contact us for comprehensive security lighting system services in St. Louis, Missouri.

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